Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cancer Sucks so Fight Back!

I am going to shave my head for Relay this year. Many cancer patients lose their hair due to intensive chemical and/or radioactive treatments. Seven years ago I was lucky that I did not have a treatment intense enough to lose my hair. This year I will shed my hair by choice to symbolize and support those for whom cancer has not afforded choice and the freedom to pursue a healthy life.

I am going to use this act as a symbol of the battle we fight as I raise money for this year’s event.
This year cancer is set to take over as the leading cause of death worldwide, killing more people than the active wars on our planet, disease, famine and natural disasters. Cancer is affront to freedom for every person on this planet and yet the public war on cancer does not command near enough resources.

You can act and together we will find a cure for cancer and the freedom from its scourge.
Not a scientist? Don’t worry. You represent a vital lifeline to the financial resources researchers need to find a cure. Your fundraising will find a cure for cancer.

Not a medical professional? Don’t worry. Your time and fundraising makes American Cancer Society resources available to patients and families. These resources ease suffering and provide critical services when people need them the most. Your actions help keep people and families strong and productive.

Not a politician? Don’t worry, your voice can be heard through the Cancer Action Network so your elected officials get the direction you told them you would provide them when you voted them into office. They work for you and you need to let them know what problems you want to solve.

Not wealthy? Don’t worry. You can make the most of however much you can donate with creative fundraising. Challenge your friends and family to donate by matching some part of every dollar they give. Letting them know that you have made a commitment sends a clear sign of the importance of supporting however they can. Ask them to challenge their friends as well.

Not sure where it all goes? The American Cancer Society has one of the lowest expense margins in the non-profit sector, and therefore the most of your funds raised goes to the research and programs we need it to. Over 81% of every dollar raised is directed to the mission of the American Cancer Society. Most money raised locally stays locally, neighbor helping neighbor.

Doing all of that and still want to do more? Shave your head, put up a sign, make cookies and sell them at work and get on Facebook and tell all of your friends why they need to get involved. Come up with your own creative way to get out the message. Stop making excuses and thinking one person can’t find a cure for cancer. You aren’t just one person, but if you don’t act you will be one less.

We are fighting, we will win. We MUST have hope.


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