Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Can I Do?

Here are some ideas of areas you can review within your own life that have a positive impact on our energy and resource challenges:

Recycle - everything we reuse requires less new material which costs a lot to produce

Transportation - public transit, driving less and pooling your travel all work to reduce the amount of fuel used to move you here and there

Vehicles - maintaining the vehicle you have to its best potential is better than replacing it with a new hybrid. New cars cost a lot in resources and can't pay for themselves and the old vehicles fate at the same time. ROI is the key

Heating/Cooling - programmable thermostats, insulation, fixing window/door leaks and using shades instead of the A/C on high are all good ways to reduce demand

Eating - less packaging, eating in, using everything you buy, buying local and cooking with base ingredients rather than lots of processed food are all ways to save the costs of materials, processing and transportation of our food

You have heard all of these before but they work, they do reduce your footprint and they can be part of something bigger that makes a difference.


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